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CMS Hosting (the IT arm of puntoitalia pty ltd) provides affordable web hosting solutions specialising in Joomla! web hosting. Having our data centre in Australia and head office based in Brisbane, Australia, means that CMS Hosting provides the best experience for users of your websites.

Many people often take the cheapest option when it comes to hosting and in most cases, this means that your website is hosted abroad. While overseas hosting can be very affordable, the price advantage often means that your website isn't able to be loaded as quickly as one hosted locally.

Many people become impatient and will move onto the next website instead of waiting for a slow website to load.

Another often forgotten aspect of off-shore hosting is downtime. Although it is not as common as it once was, from time to time the international links from Australia out to the world can suffer downtime: when this happens your website and emails will cease to work from within Australia. In some rare cases this can affect everyone.

it is however more common for an individual Internet Service Provider (ISP) to suffer network problems with their international bandwidth supplier but the result is the same: your website may not be available online to all people and this may translate in loss of business.

Another service that CMS hosting also provides is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We also offer dedicated hosting, managed hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers and e-commerce hosting solutions including credit card payment gateways, shopping carts and web design via our sister company, puntoitalia pty ltd.

Having the head office based within close proximity of our data centres means that any potential hosting hardware issues can be resolved in the shortest amount of time possible to avoid any unwanted downtime for our clients.

Combine our hosting services with our parent company puntoitalia pty ltd and whether it be web design, hosting, e-commerce, graphics, photography or search engine optimisation we have you covered.

Our website solutions allow your company's website to be self edited without the need for expensive web design software or web authoring skills. By using a content management system, or CMS for short, our customers can manage their own web sites to keep web costs to a minimum and to allow modifications without any delay.

Of all CMS solutions available out there, CMS Hosting and puntoitalia use and recommend Joomla! The team has developed an awesome platform, extremely stable, user-friendly and able to work without a glitch across the many PHP updates so necessary to maintain the highest security level possible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a demonstration of just how easy it is to maintain your own website.

Who we are:

CMS Hosting is the IT arm of puntoitalia pty ltd.    We are a Brisbane based hosting service, specialising in Joomla hosting.     Our services are very reliable and very affordable with an exceptional customer service.

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